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Late. Smt Kanchangauri Jamnadas Shah

General health checkup for  early detection of medical illness. We conduct tests such as  Blood test, urine test, ENT checkup, Dental checkup, ECG, X-ray test and Eye (fundus) screening and counselling at highly affordable cost.

List of Investigations

  • Pathological test -

    • CBC

    • Urine test

    • FBS

    • Lipid Profile

    • S. Creatine, Uric acid, Urea

    • SGPT

    • Proteins

    • TSH

  • Consultation by Physicians

  • ENT checkup

  • Dental checkup

  • Dietitian consultation

  • ECG

  • X Ray

  • Fundus checkup

Please come on an empty stomach by 9.30 am

(Monday – Saturday)

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